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With over 50 years´experience in the field of sustainability, our managers bring expertise and competence to support your commitment to sustainable development.


Oliver Stankiewitz, Dipl. Ing., ETH, Forestry sciences

Oliver Stankiewitz

My interest lies in understanding interactions between society and livelihoods as the basis for designing long-term risk minimisation strategies. Since 1996 my driving motivation has been to actively contribute in the areas of natural resources and renewable energy through project development, financing, implementation and verification.

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Silvio Leonardi, Dr. phil., Uni Basel, Biology

Silvio Leonardi

Since completing my doctorate, I have been engaged in the fields of environmental science and sustainability: most recently responsible for climate services and training at the Swiss Association for Quality and Management; 750+ audits / assessments of quality, environment, work safety, climate protection and sustainability on five continents.

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Patrizia Imhof, Uni Bern, MSc Climate Science

Patrizia Imhof

As a senior consultant with Swiss Climate, I have extensive expertise in calculating CO2 balances according to GHG Protocol/ISO 14064 and have advised over 50 companies on sustainability. I am also head of the Upper Valais energy advisory office. Prior to that I was a research associate in FOEN’s Climate Division.

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Othmar Hug, Uni Geneva, MA International Relations

Othmar Hug

As deputy CEO of Swiss Climate I have extensive experience in calculating CO2 balances. I am convinced that only by adopting an integrated approach will we be able to solve the challenges of the 21st century, including climate protection and the sustainable use of resources.

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Rudolf Brodbeck, FHNW, Dipl. Chemistry FH

Rudolf Brodbeck

For roughly 25 years, I was responsible for quality control of foodstuffs at Ricola AG. Through further education and my involvement in SQS, I gain additional expertise in the environmental field. I have applied this knowledge in many audits internationally and in carbon-offsetting projects in Switzerland.

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Felix Martin, Dipl. phil-nat., Uni Bern, Physics

Felix Martin

Since 2006 I have worked for Neosys as project manager in the field of technology and the environment. Thanks to post-graduate studies and further education and training, I have extended my knowledge across various sectors. My fields of expertise include C02 emissions trading and climate protection, C02 auditing, waste management and contaminated sites, and environmental protection.

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Werner Halter, Dr. phil-nat., Uni Lausanne, Geology

Werner Halter

Through my involvement in various research teams in the field of geology and my subsequent career as CEO of Swiss Climate, I have gathered experience in various fields. Today I work at the company I founded, Climate Services AG, and advise companies on C02 reduction strategies.

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Michael Gassner, Uni Bern, MSc Geography

Michael Gassner

I work as a project manager for the city of Thun in the fields of town and energy planning, mobility management, river basins and environmentally hazardous materials. I also carry out validations of climate protection projects in the fields of energy, transport and waste management.

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Luka Blumer, Uni Fribourg, MA Legal Studies

Luka Blumer

After completing my Master's degree in Legal Studies and Sustainable Development I wanted to help protecting the climate and the natural ressources.


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Swiss Climate AG

Swiss Climate AG is our partner for calculating and compiling greenhouse gas balances, which can be awarded with their label. We verified their state-of-the-art inventory.


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