CC-Carbon Credits specialises in validating and verifying information in accordance with relevant standards. The monitoring report of a federally registered CO2 compensation project or programme (e.g. Klik project) must be verified before the project can be issued with emission-reduction attestations. CC-Carbon Credits is a FOEN-approved evaluation body.

Project verification is based on the requirements of article 5 of the CO2 Ordinance and ensures that:

  • The project data is complete and consistent: an adequate description of the parameters of the system and all relevant sources of emissions and greenhouse gases (including leakages) are provided.
  • The methods used to assess the reference scenario are appropriate and correct.
  • Additionality is given.
  • The verification method for the anticipated emissions reduction is thorough, consistent and measureable.  

In accordance with ISO 14064-2:2006, the verification process respects the following principles:

  • relevance,
  • completeness,
  • consistency,
  • accuracy,
  • transparency, and
  • conservativeness.


Project verification proceeds as follows:  

Verification process

The project owner then sends the verification and monitoring reports to the FOEN administrative office for compensation for a final review. After this final check, which may include incorporating corrections, the office issues a decision on verified emission reductions.

Requirements for the verification process:

CC-Carbon Credits works on the basis that requests to clients for clarification and corrective measures (Corrective Action Requests, CAR) during the verification process can usually be addressed within a maximum of two question–and-answer cycles.

The client is obliged to provide CC-Carbon Credits with a complete list of all outstanding issues from the validation / registration or previous verification processes (Forward Action Requests, FAR) and to address the issues accordingly.

In the event that important CL/CAR/FAR issues cannot be resolved within two question-and-answer cycles, CC-Carbon Credits reserves the right to complete the draft report and charge for services provided to date.

To ensure an efficient verification process, it is advisable to contact the auditor as soon as possible. We are very happy to advise you on the appropriate procedure to verify your project.